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MSCEB Was Delighted to Host a Group of 12th Grade Students From New Millennium School

MSCEB was delighted to host a group of 12th grade students from New Millennium School on October 9th 2018. The Orientation Tour was headed by Mr. Hussam Abdelghany, Director of our Architectural Division. The students were given a brief on the basic principles of architecture, where Mr. Abdelghany also explained a fun fact to the students on how it is the only profession that brings out the knowledge as well as creativity within oneself and actively involves both the hemispheres of the brain.

They were also introduced to how a project is undertaken, from its initial stages up to its conclusion, from A-Z, followed by a highly interactive Q&A session, and a tour of the architectural floor where they were shown how floor plans, elevations, designs, 3D models, facades and simulations are made using various architectural & design tools. Mr. Hussam showed them some floor plans, elevation and facades and explained how much detailing goes into designing and constructing a building. To conclude the tour a commemorative picture was taken with the students and Mr. Hussam.